Drum roll, please...

Christo Stevens

Real Estate Photographer & Matterport Scanner

Christo is our Lead Photographer here at Cherokee Drone Services. He has been with us since nearly the beginning, and he's also our Matterport guru! He loves all things film and photography and could talk about movies all day. Some of his other favorite hobbies include cooking his favorite meals and his new obsession, kickboxing. Christo is an avid traveler, especially out West, and he considers his cat (named Cat) his child. He also loves spending time with his niece and two nephews!

Matthew Norton

Real Estate Photographer & Trainer

Matthew is a passionate landscape and real estate photographer, and has been part of the Cherokee Drone team since February 2020. A natural leader with many years of experience under his belt, Matthew has also taken on the role of mentoring our growing team. Some of his favorite hobbies include painting, woodworking, and taking his dogs Foxy and Bouy on adventurous hikes.

Hayley Latimer

Real Estate Photographer

Hayley has been a photographer for 11 years, specializing in portrait, film and fashion, and has been with Cherokee Drone since fall 2019. One of her most proud accomplishments includes winning the 1st Place Chairman’s Portfolio Award in 2014. She was also a photographer for New York Fashion Week 2018, and has photographed on tour with an international brand. Hayley is not only a multi-faceted photographer, but she is also a classically trained ballerina and has been dancing for more than 20 years!

Corey Harden

Real Estate Photographer

Corey has been with Cherokee Drone since October 2019 and has been honing his photography skills since he was just 12 years old. Real estate photography has taken his heart because he loves showcasing beautiful properties creatively. He also works as a audio engineer loves gaming in his spare time, Rocket League being his favorite video game; he's even made it to the top 1% of all players!

Taylor Farrow

Real Estate Photographer

Taylor's love for photography spans 10 years professionally, and he's been a part of the Cherokee Drone family since the fall of 2019. In addition to real estate photography, he also loves capturing people having fun at special events. When he's not making photo magic, he loves cooking BBQ and entertaining friends and family. One of his most proud accomplishments outside of his photography career is that he is a certified Scuba Diver!

Jason Kilbane

Real Estate Photographer

Jason is the newest member of Cherokee Drone Services. He has been involved in videography since 2005 and has a Digital Media degree from Kent State University. When he's not behind a camera, you can find him with his growing family. Some of his favorite hobbies are editing videos, making music, and solving Rubik's cubes. Jason's favorite words of wisdom: Go to sleep with a smile and wake up with a grin.

Weston Sparks

Real Estate Photographer

Weston was our first photographer to join the Nashville team in January of 2020, and has been honing his photography skills for the last fifteen years! Also passionate about music, Weston has toured the US and Canada, drumming for various bands and absolutely loves old school synthesizers. This well-traveled bookworm has visited 46 out of 50 states, and plans to visit the rest with some good books packed in his luggage!

Nathan Brower

Real Estate Photographer

Nathan has been with Cherokee Drone Services since April 2021. Besides shooting houses, he also does photography of dogs and dog sports. When not weilding a camera, Nathan spends his time programming, and playing board games with friends. He once made a video game that went viral on YouTube with millions of views!